Niall Walsh

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I am a Second Year Multimedia Applications Development (BSc) student in WIT. I am currently seeking work placement starting June 2020 and lasting six months.

I have created this webpage using WordPress. I have done this to showcase my ability to work with various different tools. I have attached a few examples of my work along with my results of my subjects so far and a link to my LinkedIn page.

About me

A quick-learning and high-achieving mature student with a passion for all things creative and logical, I have a strong drive to succeed in all areas of life. This drive has brought me great success in my college work, previous jobs, and fitness. I am certain it will lend itself to my future career.

I am currently an academic representative for my Multimedia Applications Development class. I have work experience in broad office roles ranging from administration to IT.

Additional information can be found on my online CV.

Languages and Tools

I have experience with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and SQL languages. Experience using CSS frameworks.

I have used Canva, Glitch, and WordPress as well as many tools in the Adobe Suite.

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